Little Scandinavian

Welcome to my website “Little Scandinavian” – your comprehensive guide for holidays and life in the Scandinavian countries, with a special focus on Denmark. Dive into the fascinating world of the North and discover the variety of cities, towns, sights, events, and much more that this region has to offer.

Let’s start with Denmark, the land of happy people and cozy Hygge atmosphere. The capital Copenhagen is a true gem of Scandinavia. Explore the picturesque canals of Nyhavn, visit the famous Christiansborg Palace or enjoy culinary delights in one of the numerous restaurants. Not to forget are also the impressive museums like the National Museum or the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

But even outside Copenhagen, Denmark has a lot to offer. The port city Aarhus entices with its vibrant cultural scene and the impressive ARoS Art Museum. Odense, as the birthplace of famous fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen, exudes a special charm. And the island Bornholm delights with its idyllic landscapes and historical sights.

Die zauberhafte Insel Ærø in Dänemark

In addition to Denmark, I am also interested in other Scandinavian countries. Sweden entices with the bustling metropolis Stockholm, the picturesque archipelago islands and the endless forests of Lapland. Norway impresses with its majestic fjords, imposing glaciers and charming cities like Bergen or Trondheim. Finland entices with its unique sauna culture, breathtaking national parks and modern capital Helsinki.

But even lesser-known destinations like the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland have their own charm. The Faroe Islands enchant with their wild nature, rugged cliffs and warm-hearted inhabitants. Greenland entices with its icy landscapes, majestic icebergs and fascinating Inuit culture. Iceland impresses with its geothermal springs, spectacular waterfalls and mystical volcanic landscapes.

Whether you are looking for travel destinations, insider tips or simply inspiration – “Little Scandinavian” is your perfect companion for your next trip to Denmark. Immerse yourself in the diverse world of the North and let yourself be enchanted by its beauty!